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PLEASE CONTACT Our Office Manager/Scheduler, Pam Guzzi, for all event bookings at: pam@eyeswild.com or (908) 328-4470. Our "Book A Show Online" form is currently undergoing some changes and online submissions will not be received. If you have not heard back from our scheduling office within 24-48 hours, please email or call again, as your message may not have been received and is very important to us! In the event you experience further delays or have an emergency and cannot reach Pam, we may be experiencing heavier than usual call and email volume OR there may be an issue preventing receipt of your message/email and you should call senior presenter, Kim Gruning at (908) 892-8456.~~Thank You!!

2018 EYES OF THE WILD LIBRARY SUMMER READING THEME SHOW: "Animals Rock!"-- "This program will feature the many ways in which animals use sound to communicate. We all know birds sing but did you know a wallaby has a special call for its baby, alligators make a boom sound in B Flat, & groundhogs whistle? We will discuss these & other surprising sounds animals use."
Some of the Animal possibilities for this show include: birds, alligator, snake, wallaby, groundhog, skunk, degu, coati, porcupine.

Check our "Public Appearances" page or with your local library to see when/where we will be visiting this summer with our show, tailor-made to fit the Summer Reading program. *Some libraries require registration for their shows, please check your local branch before attending!*