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Traveling Zoo Shows

We travel with our animals and bring AMAZING, COMICAL, AND EDUCATIONAL presentations to venues throughout the northeastern United States. 

See for yourself why schools, families, and countless others have us back year after year, with different animals each and every time. 

This is where animals, education, and fun collide!
Through a combination of education and humor, our shows mesmerize everyone in the audience - from toddlers through adults!  

Program costs range from $295.00 and up - plus applicable parking and related fees - if any. 

Fees are based on audience venue and size, animals presented, and location of program. 

We offer 4 different traveling shows:


-   We provide an amazing 45 minute to one hour wildlife show that completely captivates and entertains your guests.
 Parties may include as many children as you would like to invite.
 Cost varies depending on your location, but starts at $275 (parking fees may be added if applicable).
-   While we accept requests for animals, we must make the final decision as to which animals will visit your party.   
    We cannot guarantee the arrival of a certain animal - they are live animals, and need all the respect and consideration that goes with that. 

    Please trust us - it is our goal to offer the BEST possible presentation to make yours a party everyone will remember!
-  We can provide Standard goody bags for an additional $4.00 per child and Deluxe goody bags for an additional $5.00 per child.
 For information on how you can have this great experience for yourself, please contact Pam Guzzi:

Eyes of the Wild
P.O. Box 461
Pine Beach, New Jersey  08741

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