EYES OF THE WILD PRESENTS:  "A BETTER WORLD NATURALLY"-- "Often when we discuss topics like the Summer Reading theme of "Build a Better World," we think of amazing structures humans have created and the technological advances that have made them possible. However, what type of world will we have if we don't choose to build a future that includes the incredible beauty that nature has built? Join Eyes of the Wild and our amazing rescued animals for a discussion about a future that can and should include the beautiful creatures and habitats we share this world with. The program will teach about issues mankind must overcome to provide that future, ways in which animals help build a better world, and success stories of how we are working toward a future that can include every living thing!"

Check with your local library to see if we will be visiting this summer with our show, tailor-made to fit the Summer Reading program. *Some libraries require registration for their shows, please check your local branch before attending!*