Mammal Mania

Mammals from around the world will be featured in this program. Behaviors, habitats, adaptations, survival strategies and 
relationships with humans will be introduced. This program focuses on behavior and adaptation using the life stories of each 
unique animal, their often humorous personality, fun facts, anecdotes and animal eye-views as instruction.
The main animals presented in this show include the Wallaby, (a small kangaroo), Rabbit, Guinea Pig, and 
the Patagonian Cavy, (which is related to the mouse, kicks like a mule and looks like a guinea pig on stilts).

NJ / E. PA $295+

All Travel Zoo Programs are 45 mins. to 1 Hour in Length at Your Location of Choice.

 NY / NYC / CT$400+ 
Unlisted Areas Call For Prices 
We can provide goody bags for an additional $4.00 or $5.00 per child.

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