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Who We Are

Travis W. Gale 
Travis has a Bachelor of Science in Biology/Education from the College of New Jersey. 
He worked as an Environmental educator for Monmouth County Parks and as an instructor/program developer for Mad Science for 2 years.
His love for animals led to him working as a field biologist, radio tracking New Jersey Timber Rattlesnakes. He conducted the first radio tracking program of New Jersey baby Pine Snakes in the Pine Barrens. His commitment to education continued when he became a Special Education/Science/ESL instructor for the New Egypt Schools.
Travis joined Snakes-N-Scales in 2000 as a part time instructor while working for Mad Science. In Snakes-N-Scales he rose to be the Senior Instructor and Mammal Instructor/Caretaker for 4 years. His ease in handling animals combined with a quick wit and sense of humor guarantee an enjoyable learning experience for kids of all ages.

Travis always receives rave reviews for his programs and is especially gifted with young children.  As of 2005, Travis branched off from Snakes-N-Scales creating “Wallaby Tales,” a sister company dealing exclusively in mammal education.  In 2006, Travis bought the Eyes of the Wild Center in Washington, New Jersey in the heart of Warren County, where he encouraged all that passed through the Center doors to share his vision to LEAP (Learn, Enjoy, Advocate and Protect) into wildlife.  

Today Travis continues to bring his LEAP vision directly to you through his Travel Zoo programs.

"Travis is so funny my sides hurt, and yet the kids are learning every step of the way.  I have never seen a presenter like him before!" -- S. PARISH


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