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The majority of animals at Eyes of The Wild are simply unwanted pets.  We also take in animals that people have acquired illegally, animals that can no longer return to the wild, and animals that have been taken out of undesirable situations.  Exotic animals are often harder to understand and care for than most people realize.  Many domestic animals like dogs and cats have been raised by humans for 10,000 years or more.  That historical background has provided us with a wealth of information about their care and yet we still have rescues and shelters filled with those animals.  Exotic creatures usually require very specific diets that can’t be found in a bag at the pet store.  They also need unique enclosures, enrichment activities and toys that are not easily provided.  Many are dangerous if misunderstood and require special handling skills that must always be researched and improved upon.  Veterinary care for these animals can be very specific and hard to find, not all veterinarians have the experience or desire to work with them.


All of these things are provided for by Eyes of The Wild and our devoted staff.  For pictures and videos of some of our amazing friends click here.


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