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Vision Statement: 


     In today's world we are confronted with an ever expanding list of environmental problems that face our natural world, the special creatures within it and humanity itself.  The field of environmental education is no longer in its infancy and those devoted to green causes have been fighting valiantly for decades to preserve that which almost all of us hold dear.  From pioneers like Aldo Leopold and Rachel Carson to modern day advocates like Robert Kennedy and Jane Goodall, many voices have espoused the virtue of preserving our natural heritage.  However, traditional methods of sharing this message have not succeeded.  It is time for a new approach!



     No longer can we continue trying to affect change with classic tools.  For years, environmental educators have attempted to move others to action by sharing facts, statistics and dire predictions.  Although this approach works for those who are easily enlisted, it misses most. Many people are cynical and moved to act only when they see a clear reason or value.  There are also those who have turned a deaf ear on "tree-huggers" and naturalists with grim warnings about our future.  Especially left out are the very people who will control that future - children.  If we are truly going to make a difference we must find a way to reach all of these people.  That is the vision of Eyes of The Wild!



     We can acheive this vision if we are diligent and provide every audience with the most creative, enjoyable and personal view of our natural world.  It will be our goal to immerse every person who sees our program into the lives of Earth's amazing creatures.  By connecting key environmental issues to actual living creatures, we can make conservation personal.  In sharing the tales of our rescued wildlife, we can evoke emotion and passion to drive change.  We will enlist the reluctant through comedy, excitement and by balancing gravity with hope.  We will link value to living things by showing the role animals and their habitats have played throughout history.  Every program will encourage the audience to get involved, both during the show and after.  Events will be inquiry based and will  incorporate different learning styles through touch, sound and motion.  Through every phase of bringing our environmental message to the public, Eyes of The Wild promises to always exceed the expectations of those who chose to work with us.








Mission Statement:


Uniting people and the animals of our natural world.


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