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     Since its inception, Eyes of the Wild has constantly evolved, improved and expanded to its current home on a 21 acre farm in beautiful Hunterdon County New Jersey. With each passing year we have made exhaustive efforts to create the best homes for our rescued animals.   Every animal in our care is provided with an enclosure that exceeds USDA guidelines.  They are also given diets and enrichment activities based on the most current zoo guidelines.

     Every member of our devoted staff has been extensively trained to provide your group with the most fun, safe and appropriate personal experience with earth's amazing wildlife.  Travis Gale, the owner and main presentor, is the only one in the business who combines a degree in Biology Education, teaching experience in New Jersey schools and true scientific expertise as a Field Biologist.  His experiences studying wildlife in its natural habitat and teaching high school biology, science enrichment, ESL and special education make him uniquely qualified to educate and entertain any audience you may have.  These qualifications have been thoroughly and thoughtfully shared with every member of the Eyes of the Wild staff.

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