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Organizations We're Supporting in Australia:



New for 2020! As a way to honor 15 years of animal education, outreach, and the connection between people and wildlife, EOTW has decided to now offer an Advocacy and Protection program unique to each calendar year based upon the needs of our natural world.

New Offering!

Australia is home to some of the most unique animals in the world. EOTW has been lucky enough to rescue and provide homes for several amazing creatures from this part of the world. The recent devastating wildfires have created a threat to the future survival of these animals in their natural habitat. In an effort to raise funds to protect and preserve these animals and their homes, the Rescue Down Under program has been created. This presentation will feature wallabies, sugar gliders, birds, reptiles, and amphibians unique to Australia. It is our hope that raising awareness about habitat loss, the precarious nature of island biodiversity and climate change will motivate even the youngest of us to act.


What makes our Advocacy & Protection program different from our other presentations is the added ability to share financially with international conservation efforts. By booking this program EOTW will donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization that is rehabilitating affected animals and caring for them directly. In the past, all of the money from our presentations has gone to continuing the rescue efforts of EOTW and providing proper care/housing for our animal ambassadors. After all, what is our purpose, but to Learn. Enjoy. Advocate & Protect.


(Percentage of donation determined at time of booking.)

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