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     We offer the most educational and entertaining wildlife programs around! Whether you are looking for an assembly or an after school enrichment series, we will deliver a top quality program geared specifically towards your particular audience size and age range. We are a rescue facility so we will discuss things such as: how we obtain our rescued animals; protecting wildlife and the environment; completing research before choosing a pet; and the habitats, survival techniques, communication skills, and unique behaviors of the amazing animals we are lucky enough to share the planet with! We will share many funny stories and anecdotes about individual animals, and will discuss how we became wildlife advocates and how others can get involved.

We have many program themes/topics we have presented in the past to help guide you in choosing your program. However, we can customize our shows to meet your specific themes or areas of study and can supply a lesson plan if needed. Just let us know your needs. If you do not have a particular theme or subject matter in mind, no worries! Our expert team will choose for you based on your audience age range OR you can have input by choosing some animals from our unique and varied Animal List.



ASSEMBLIES: consist of an exciting 45-60 minute live animal presentation with approximately 5-6 of our animals. We like to bring some exotic and at least one or two touchable animals. (Touching of the animals is always at the presenter’s discretion and depends on the audience size, and the demeanor of the crowd and the animals!)


Discounted Pricing for Assemblies begins at $300 and is determined by the distance from our facility to your location and is based on audiences of 200 or less.

Additional Discounts available for multiple programs.

AFTER SCHOOL ENRICHMENT SERIES (ASE): With a maximum of 20 children per class, these sessions can run anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on your needs and can be offered to most grade levels. Each visit will consist of an approximate 45 minute program featuring several different live animal presentations and related discussions along with a combination of crafts, games, stories and/or other activities*.


Discounted Pricing for ASE series is based on the distance from our facility to your location and the number of weeks in the ASE session. Minimum enrollment: 10 students; Max enrollment: 20 students


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