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Program Topics & Themes

Since 2006, Eyes of the Wild has been working with our customers to match the perfect educational program to the needs of our diverse audiences. We have provided dozens of different themes to coincide with school curriculum, library, summer camp, and after school programs. We even find ways to incorporate specific birthday party themes! The following is a list of just a few of the themes we have provided in the past, feel free to use this as inspiration for your next amazing Eyes of The Wild Event!


Animal Artists* - explore the creative side of animals and the ways animals build artistically.

Animal Friends - cute and cuddly creatures that are a good introduction for younger audiences.

Arboreal Animals - animals that spend the majority of their lives in the trees.

Biomes - define and discuss different biomes (i.e. rainforest, tundra, etc.) and meet their respective animals

Carnivores - animals that hunt other animals and the adaptations that allow them to survive doing so.

Desert Animals - animals that survive and thrive in one of nature’s harshest environments.

Dig Into Wildlife* - animals that make their homes underground or are famous for digging.

Dora the Explorer - animals associated with the popular kids show.

Endangered/Threatened Species - we define the terms,  discuss what factors contribute to extinction and meet animals that are either threatened or endangered in the wild.

Fantastic Flight - we discuss the physics of flying and meet amazing animals that fly or glide.

Forest Friends - what exactly is a forest, who lives there and why.

Habitats & Adaptations - we discuss different habitats and focus on the unique adaptations certain animals possess that allow them to thrive in them.

Halloween - creepy, crawly, slimy, scary creatures - or at least that’s what you used to think.

Harry Potter - animals associated with the Harry Potter stories (snakes, toads, rats, dragons, etc.) and perhaps some animal magic.

Herbivores - animals that survive eating plants and the characteristics they share.

Journaling with Animals

Learn & Draw/Paint

Mammal Mania - what is a mammal, what characteristics do we share with them.

Nature’s Heroes*

NJ Natives - animals that share our backyards with us.

Nocturnal by Nature* - creatures of the night and their tools for survival.

One World, Many Animals* - animals from around the world and the ways in which different cultures perceive them.

Pirate Adventures - animals associated with pirates, creatures they encountered and ones that might have been found on their ships.

Science of Survival*

Survival of the Fittest*

What Big Teeth You Have -this program focuses on predators and the adaptations that allow them to successfully capture prey.

When Animals Attack - this program focuses on the unique adaptations animals use to survive predatory attacks.

Wild Kratts - animals that appear on Wild Kratts and their special “creature powers”.

Winter Survivors - this program addresses hibernation, migration and other strategies animals employ during the coldest months.

(*denotes past Library Summer Reading themed shows)

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