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Tips for Planning Your Event

With over 15+ years experience, our scheduling and planning services are incomparable. We will make sure the process is as smooth and easy as possible; from the first phone call or email, to the moment we walk out your doors! Planning the perfect event involves a lot of time, thought, and caring on your part. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of tips that will help make sure our show is the best part of your special event!

Book as early as possible. Weekends and the summertime are our busiest times.

  • Remember to provide your event location address and all dates/times you want us to check for availability when calling or emailing to schedule your event.

  • If planning an outdoor event, it is recommended that you have an indoor backup, just in case.

  • Timing is of the essence! We travel to multiple events each day. We want to be on time for everyone and don’t want to cut anyone short.

  • If a birthday party, we recommend beginning our show at least 15-30 minutes after your scheduled party start time, to allow for late-arriving guests.

  • Remember, we won’t know in advance for sure which animals are coming. Helping us keep their identity a secret, is most appreciated and lends to the excitement of the show!

  • Providing a nearby unloading/parking space, makes set up quicker and easier.

  • For the comfort of your animals and ours, please secure household pets in a location separate from our performance area.

  • Please do not serve food during the show.

  • Please be sure audience members have washed or sanitized their hands before the presentation.

  • Leaving approximately 4’-5’ between where we perform & where the children sit, helps ensure the safety of your children and our animals.

  • Some of our animals have been rescued from abusive situations & may become frightened over quick movements & loud noises. Your supervision of the children throughout the show is requested & appreciated, especially by the animals!

  • Please ask adults/guests not wishing to participate in the show, to socialize in an area separate from our performance area so that everyone else can see, hear, & enjoy the show!

  • Gratuities are never expected but always appreciated & should be based upon your satisfaction with our performance!

  • Payment is due on the day of the event & should be given directly to the presenter at the end of our show.

  • Make sure to have a great time, learn some new stuff, and share your pictures on Instagram and Facebook!

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